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Flight Type Dishwasher.

Flight Type Dishwasher.

Flight Type Dishwasher


Flight Type dishwaser is the ideal solution for large cafeterias, hospitals, hotels, in-flight catering and any other situation where there are significantly large and continuous work loads. There are eight standard versions but thanks to the various additional options and customised installations, no washing problem is too big for this range. This incorporates advanced technologies and ensures, significant water, energy and detergent savings, incomparable hygiene and the best operating flexibility and safety



    • High capacity pumps; built in pre-wash
    • Adjustable side washing arms equipped with clog-proof nozzles
    • Osmosis rinse with automatic recognition of glass and cutlery racks
    • RCD prevents backflow and keeps rinse water pressure constant
    • Top and bottom drying system; Self-cleaning at the end of the day

Capacities: Output Capacities are 1500 to 5000 dishes/hour.

Ideal for: Industrial Canteens,Institutions,Hospital Kitchens

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