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Cosmos SteamPro streamers are designed for steaming requirements in bulk kitchens.
It is equipped with water inlet with automatic water filling system and drain provision.
Entire construction is made of quality Stainless steel. Castors provided for easy mobility.
Time and temperature can be set depending on the food being cooked. Thermal
insulated cooking cabinet ensures energy saving and environmental protection.

Standard Accessories(supplied with steamer)
Pans (400 x 600mm) - 6nos for 6.1E & 12 nos for 12.1E
Trolley unit for 12.2E
Optional Accessories(suitable for 6.1E & 12.1E models)
400 x 600mm Idly trays (24 Idlies per tray)
400 x 600mm Perforated Pans
Optional Accessories(suitable for 12.2E model)
530 x 650mm Rice Pans
530 x 650mm Idly trays (30 Idlies per tray)
530 x 650mm Perforated Pans

Capacity / Batch
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Net Weight

CSP 6.1 E
9kg Rice, 18kg Veg,
144 Idlies, 180 Eggs
6kW / 400V / 3Ph

CSP 12.1 E
18kg Rice, 36kg Veg,
288 Idlies, 360 Eggs
12kW / 400V / 3Ph

CSP 12.2 E
30kg Rice, 60kg Veg,
360 Idlies, 720 Eggs
15kW / 400V / 3Ph
762 x 661 x 991mm 710 x 650 x 1790mm 709 x 900 x 1700mm
41kg 136kg 368kg

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